President's Message
Matthew Damman
Volunteers needed!  Talk to your friends and send out the word that volunteers are needed to make a real difference to a child's life! Let the Bulletin Editor know and she will pass it on to Susie C.
Message from the Bulletin Editor
Events and Speaker.....if you want more details about a Speaker or Event just click on the Blue Heading and it will provide more information. 
The Bulletin Editor has been very busy so still needs to input more details - it is a work in progress!
Malvern Emergency Food Donations
Our Club supports the work of the not for profit MEFP. At every second meeting we ask our members to bring an item that can go into a pack. Deb will then take the donations to MEFP.  
Next Date for donations....19 July 
Koala Kids and our Club
Many members of the public think that all we do as Rotarians is to "put a sausage on a barbie". But we know we do much more than that - and much of it is getting out and supporting other organisations doing amazing work in the community! 
Several of our members continue to deliver "goodies" and "supplies" on behalf of Koala Kids to Children's Hospitals across Melbourne and directly to families who have a child with cancer!  
The following Message was received from the Childrens Cancer Ward at the RMCH after a delivery last Thursday. 
"Thank you so much for dropping off our goodies from Koala Kids today we really appreciate your support. Love Merridy πŸ’“πŸ’«πŸ™πŸΌ"
Thursday's delivery included a number of the famous "Smash Cakes" - as you can see it brings so much joy to kids doing it tough!
(Photo reprinted from Koala Kids Facebook page)
If you (or a family member or friend) wants to participate with these deliveries - you do need to be fully uptodate with your Covid and flu vaccinations, have a WWC and be registered as a volunteer with Koala Kids. For more information talk to Gary, Paul or Sue.          
End of Year Lunch
It was a fabulous lunch at the Riversdale Golf Club where we celebrated another successful year for the Rotary Club of Malvern. Much of this is due to our President Matthew Damman. He is always so welcoming, positive and inspirational. Matthew ...we so appreciate all your hard work! We know there are people in our community and across the globe who have been impacted by the efforts of our club and we wouldn't have a club without someone putting up their hand to be the President! THANK YOU!!
At the lunch it was announced that the President Elect is Cheryl Cohen.  We look forward to 2024/5!
On the side panel are some photos from the lunch. Thanks to Deb Damman who took over 70 photos - so sorry that not all photos could be published here and some look a little "hazy" - due to the bulletin editor still on"L plates". If you would like any photos shown here or that were taken at the event - please let the Bulletin Editor know and we will email you a copy. 
Edith's Poem
One of the very best things that has happened to the Rotary Club of Malvern EVER was welcoming last year several members of the now closed Rotary Club of Glen Eira.
These exceptional Rotarians have bought with them boundless energy, experience, humour and good will. We are so lucky they joined us.
Last October recognised Basil for his 50 years with Rotary. What a powerhouse team Basil and Edith make!
Edith,has written the following poem which we want to share with everyone!
Basil and my encounters with Rotary that is truly International!
In South Africa, 50 years ago, my husband joined Rotary
who would have believed what a journey that would turn out to be?
The first club he joined was the Rotary Club of Orange Grove.
Amongst other projects, the club helped Africans be fed and clothed
They built a kiosk for the locals to raise funds selling tea, coffee and cake
At that time, we never appreciated what a financial difference that would make.
In 1978 we emigrated to Australia, this wonderful land
And Basil joined Doncaster Rotary to lend a hand
That club bought all the necessary machinery and tooling
And trained ex Timorese fighters to make corrugated roofing.
They supplied a beautiful fountain for the Municipal office, no troubles
except when kids who thought it was funny, filled it with bubbles
After 30 years and many more projects there,
We moved house and many more years to spare
Basil joined the friendly, wonderful Glen Eira Club,
Which sadly, for the last time, met at the Rosstown Pub.
Though small in numbers, members worked hard, truly inspring
Something not anyone could help but be admiring
Heavily involved with students from Rotary Youth Exchange
Hosting patients from Interplast and all the paperwork that had to be arranged.
Once again, as Glen Eira closed their door
Basil looked for another Rotary Club number
Fortunately for us, we found the best club in the land
The Malvern Rotary Club held out their hand
We were thrilled at all the projects they do
Helping many people locally and internationally too.
We marvelled as Rotary International helped eradicate polio
And many other projects that are part of their portfolio
So, with our experience of Rotary International
I would say that it is truly something special
Please raise your glasses and let us toast
An organisation that gives humankind the most
I give you
Rotary International
Rotary Fees 2023/4
As the new financial year has commenced the annual membership subscription is now due and payable. 
The Board has maintained the level of the membership for the last 5 years at $340 per member.  The membership fee covers all Rotary District and Rotary International levies and costs such as insurance, Rotary Down Under magazine (online) as well as the costs of running the Club. 
The fee can be paid directly into the Club bank account (details below).  If you wish to you can make two payments of $170 –one payment now and one payment in Jan.  Alternatively a payment by cheque can be made at a meeting.
The bank account details are:
Account name: Rotary Club of Malvern
BSB: 063 143
Account: 1043 4607
When you make a direct payment please put a reference (e.g. Martg subs) so we can identify the payer.
If you are having financial difficulties or other issues in relation to the fees please do not hesitate to contact Gareth.
Rotary MCG Event
The Rotary Clubs of Malvern, Chadstone East Malvern, Brighton and Brighton North joined together to host an evening in the Long Room at the
MCG as part of the Rotary International Convention in May 2023. Over 12000 Rotarians from around the world travelled to Melbourne. What a fabulous evening in a fabulous venue with the wonderful entertainer Michael Lapina! A highlight was to see the Rotary logo up on the MCG scoreboard.
Mentor Match
Upcoming Events
Board Meeting
Aug 02, 2023 2:15 PM
RIMERN Volunteering
Aug 12, 2023
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Mock Interviews Yr 10 Students Ashwood College
Aug 22, 2023
Board Meeting
Aug 28, 2023 6:30 PM
RIMERN Volunteering
Sep 09, 2023
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Board Meeting
Oct 04, 2023 2:15 PM
RIMERN Volunteering
Oct 14, 2023
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Bunnings BBQ Hawthorn
Oct 15, 2023
RIMERN Volunteering
Nov 11, 2023
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Board Meeting
Nov 13, 2023 6:30 PM
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Our Vision

"Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves". 

Rotarians Live by the Four Way Test

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?
The Rotary Theme for July is
"Maternal and Child Health"
Jul 19, 2023
Stories from a Weekender Tree changer
Jul 26, 2023
Puzzles & Crosswords
Aug 02, 2023
District Governors Address
Aug 09, 2023
Aug 16, 2023
George Coppin - Victoria's earliest (unsung) entrepreneur
Aug 23, 2023
Defamation Case Studies
Aug 30, 2023
Running the "Comrades" Marathon (82 kms) in South Africa
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Thank you to Ray for putting together the Annual Report. 
Did you hear about the first restaurant to open on the moon?
It had great food, but no atmosphere.
Bulletin Editor
Sue Power
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The Rotary Club of Malvern acknowledges the traditional owners as the custodians of this land, recognising their connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to Australia's First Peoples, and to their elders, past, present and future.